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Back to the Blog World with New Mixed Media Journal
Even though I've been distracted by stuff that happens sometimes, I did manage some happy art time.  Being that things for me are only going up, I'm looking forward to even more fun art times and adventures.

Below are collages from a journal I'm working in with acrylic paints, oil pastels, paper, rub-ons, rubber stamps, images, and who knows what else by the time I'm done. 

Recently I'm really enjoying using Shiva Paint Sticks which is unusual for me because I don't care for oil paints. These are easy to use and I love the soft blended look after I rub it with my fingers on paper.  Have you used these?  Comment below to let me know all about it.  Haven't used it on fabric or anywhere else, but YouTube has several awesome videos on how to use these in many ways.  Here's a quick one for you. Enjoy!

'Till next time, enjoy your creating!!


Art Journal with Mixed Media

Hi all. Here are some journal page I worked on a few weeks ago.

The one above has a piece of pretty spring bird napkin, paints and the victorian boy is a “German” sticker which I got at one my favorite places in Adamstown, PA, Shupps Grove, the outdoor dealer market. I also added the Spanish words, “La Real Academia Del Amor”, The Real Love Academy.

 This familia (family) image, I believe is a freebie from the web. I added a gold butterfly.

 This page was a fun new try at integrating my drawing of girls that I have been learning and practicing for a while now. There is tissue, again, used in the skirt.

Mainly paints and stamping on this one. Don't you wish time would stand still?
I have also now done 2 craft shows with little success and it's extremely discouraging as you can image. Well, I'll list many of the items onto to my Etsy shop soon. I have some things there now including the two items below at extraordinary prices. Is it time to start Holiday shopping?

Have a wonderful week creating!


New Collages

Well, I'm back after a much needed rest from blogging and after a few challenging months including family issues and major computer problems. 
Here are some things I've been working on.

This is a collage I made with paper, dried hydrangea, rhinestones, silk flower and an air dry clay piece at top. The substrate is a recycled mass produced poster on a mat board of some sort that one of my neighbors didn't want anymore in her house. This is my favorite photo of Marilyn Monroe.  I was going to use it for the bottle below that my daughter wanted, but she selected another Marilyn photo. 
I'm not quite finished with this bottle. Still waiting on a quote from my daughter that she wants to include of Marilyn's.
Here's a little glimpse of my craft room.
 until next time......


Altered Bottles and Notebooks

Been busy creating more altered bottles and other things. I've done a couple of craft shows so I have some experience in that now and will try some others in the future.
 Here's a Christmas bottle made with a tag I had from last year which I cut to decorate this bottle. The other has an air dry clay piece I stamped and painted.

This one has metal buttons and a piece of an old doily and the composition book below was covered in paper, ribbon and silk flower.

 Are you more than ever more inspired to create since Pinterest came on the scene? I sure am. I wish I had more time to devote to my crafts. I'm still trying to learn to draw, sew more, and want to start making soldered jewelry too and my darn full time job is in the way, arghhh!

Enjoy the rest of the week and I hope you find the time to create,

Virtual Party at Colorin Colorado
 Hola amigas!  Aqui es mi oferta para la fiesta de Colorin Colorado. Papel? Tijera? 
Hello friends! Here is my entry for the virtual party Marcella from Colorin Colorado is hosting.  This is an original collage made with upcycle vintage lace, vintage photo and delicate diecut frame.

Check her site for all the entries for wonderful inspiration.  Gracias Marcella por la inspiracion para esta fiesta!!

Upcycled Glass Bottles - Vintage Decor

New bottles that I recently worked on. First four sold. The last two are available for sale, $12.00 plus shipping. All made from upcling antique glass bottles, jewelry, other upcycled supplies and ribbon.

 Leave me post Message if you're interested in the last 2 bottles.

Ciao for now,

Mixed Media, Resources, Videos

Altered photo frame with collage on the back.  I gifted this to my childhood friend in Buenos Aires when I visited after 35 years this past New Year's.



 This is a little collage on a piece of very thin wood. 

Have you ever tried bleach in your creations?  I haven't yet.  Here's some inspiration from Splitcoaststampers.

Have a wonderful week everybody!

Altered Platter and Vintage Photo Piece

I was lucky again in winning a blogger's giveaway.  And here it is.  How beautiful is this altered plate? It was created by Melissa from Piney Rose Designs

It's just lovely!!!  I love everything about it, the colors, the soft touch, the bling, the framing around the vintage photo. Thanks so much, Melissa!

One of my new pieces
 Dried hydrangea used, a clay stamped flower and a magnifying glass charm

Happy weekend to all,

Well, after a very minor earthquake and some minor floods from hurricane Irene, things around Pennsylvania have calmed down. It was quite a week. We rarely see such events in this state, especially the quake. My thoughts are with those less fortunate states and the people who have been hit with real tragedies due to these events.

This is a small collage on plywood pieces I got from Dollar Tree; it was a pack of 12 or 15 for $1. In the background there's stamping, paper and also crepe paper which I also stamped.
This tag was made using images sent to me by

Inka from Altered Artifacts for examples to use in her Etsy site.

This is also with an image from Inka, the backgroupd Lilas one.  The canvas is a recycled CD.

I love Old Hollywood stars, so this is one of many others I have to put together in a book.

Thanks for visiting and stay safe out there.

Mixed Media Piece, Drawing and Free Images
 The collage below was worked over a few weeks.  I just kept leaving it and coming back to it.  I like how it turned out, but it still is not finished.  Its currently on drawing paper and I want to adhere it to something stronger.

 The purple is dimensional paint stamped with a foam stamp and then painted a bit of blue in the leaves.

 I'm continuing in my quest to learn how to draw whimsical girls.  Here's some of my practice ones.  Thanks again to Tam at Willowing for her free course.


Still working for the look I'm after, and I see improvement with ever practice.  Wish me luck with my finding my style.

 Are you still holding on to summer.  I AM!  I can't even think about how soon we'll see it go without getting depressed.  Here are some images to have and enjoy from Shorpy's and Bumble Button.  I especially love everything ocean and beach!!


I was impressed at this tutorial.  Simple and cool.  I haven't yet tried one myself.  Let me know if you did.


Collaged Mother Goose and Wax video
New collages and mixed media I worked on recently using images from an old Mother Goose child's book that was falling apart:

Love the crackle here

Finally tried wax on this one

 I "stamped" thick gesso with a recycled paper tube here


Scrunched dress pattern tissue here 

If you want to try beeswax on your pieces, here's a great video from Stampington.  This link takes you to their video.
Many other good videos at their video library as well.

Here's wishing you're enjoying your summer!

The Beach, Collage and Altered Book
Hi from Ocean City, MD

 Assateague Island, MD

Ocean City, MD

Some new things I've been doing
 Collage on chipboard

 Above and below are altered pages in a vintage book

Hope you're enjoying your summer vacation if you have one and for those that love the beach and ocean, I wish you have many visits there.

From Blissville,

Links, Mixed Media, Video
Hi all.  Welcome to my newest followers and comments left in the past few posts.  It's truly gratifying to see others like what I do and that's a way for me to find out your awesome blogs too.

Here are some things I created in the last few days and weeks.  Unfortunately, something's wrong with my camera so the photos are really not the best.

Mini Composition Notebook

Collage on wood.

Here are some great resources that I linked.  Have you worked with beeswax?  I'm hoping to try it myself.  I love the look.

Stampington Beeswax Tutorial

I sure don't want to rush through the summer, but this book is very cool!
Halloween Altered Book Video
From Marie Patterson

Here's something else I want to try. 
Terrarium Tutorial
from Art Mind

Paper Bag Swap and Spring Peonies
Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and these are from our garden.

As promised, here's the paper bag book I received from Cathee from Art and Soul, my swap partner from the Yahoo Altered Art group.

Beautiful, right?  Love the colors and ribbons she used.

 I love that she celebrated all the beautiful things of Spring.

 Thanks again, Cathee for this awesome keepsake and to Dee Moran for organizing the swap.

Hope you are inspired by the Spring and are creating.

Paper Bag Mixed Media
This is my second mixed media book done with lunch brown paper bags.  Lots of fun!

 This one I sent to a swap partner for a swap I joined at the Yahoo group Altered_stArt.
After giving each bag a white paint coating, I used paper napkins, stamps, glimmer mist, rub-ons, pearls, gesso, lace, vintage images and photos, stickers, acrylic paints, Silhouette die cuts, book pages, tags, ribbon, paper doily, silk and paper flowers, a coffee filter and a piece of air dry clay that I stamped, painted, sprayed with glimmer mist and sealed with clear varnish.

The completed book

Front Cover
That big pink flower is a paper napkin

Here's a piece of air dry clay, on the 2nd page, which I used acrylic white paint, a blue glimmer mist and clear varnish.  I used the same foam stamp to produce the indent embossing that I used on the background and also embossed one with pink glitter powder.  On the left, I used a paper doily as a stencil and sprayed it with glimmer mist for the effect on the background.

The papers here was a background paper I made a while back painted with acrylics on the background and the purple stenciled images are done with a dimensional paint.

Love how the library card turned out.  More embossing, this time with a white powder.  The fish strip is fabric from a ready to cut and sew craft of some sort that I've had for years.

Magazine cutouts I loved.        
Had to include some beachy graphics.  AHHH!!!!

In the middle of these 2 pages is the cone coffee filter which I painted in a pink wash.

 This is the other side of the coffee filter with paper flowers I cut with my Silhouette


Crepe streamers stamped and some corrugated cardboard with a crackle effect and prettied up with an antique earring.  The Italian quote says: What beautiful thing have you made?

On the left is an attempt I made to transfer an image with Mod Podge.  Not all of it transferred; still it gave it a cool effect.  I think I was too anxious to see the result and didn't wet the image enough and it was my first attempt. 

Tag tucked in one of the paper bag pockets

A butterfly I printed on vellum and tucked inside one of the pockets.

I also painted and decorated the inside folds of the bags

Back and front covers

If you haven't tried working with brown sandwich paper bags, you should. It's so much fun and you can make it into something useful if you embellish it with family photos or something beautifully artsy to enjoy!

I'll post photos of the paper bag that was sent to me in return soon too.

Have a great week!

Mixed Media Altered CDs and Great Video
Recent work done on recycled CDs paying homage to my favorite, Old Hollywood and its actors.  Don't forget to vote for me for the Prilosec sponsorship for my passion for learning art.  Find the button on the top right of this blog and thanks!!

 The punched holes are there to put all of these into a ring book.  More to come.

 Have you found these awesome resources yet:

At Create Mixed Media, there's lots of resources, supplies, etc. I hope its worthwhile for some of you.  I still haven't spent much time there, but it seems pack full of inspiration.

Quite fun and amazing.  It almost seems like a magic trick.  Love to hear from others who have tried this.

Spring!!! Mixed Media Video and Online Magazine
Could it soon be Spring!!  Yay!!!!

Have you noticed the Prilosec button on the right?  I have applied to be sponsored by Prilosec to continue my quest to learn all I can about my passion: mixed media art.  Thanks, Prilosec!  Check the link for yourself.

Just in time for Spring
Source: Bumble Button Blogspot

Here are some awesome things I've discovered lately that I had to share in case you missed them.
 Bird Cage Video from Donna Downey

Source: Art Freebies Blogspot

And have you discovered this free magazine from Heather Bullard?  Wow, are you in for a treat! 

Source: Bumble Button

Via Alt.Bks Yahoo Group:
The exhibit is called Art:Dewey Decimaled, and is asking for artwork that can be categorized by genre like poetry, mystery, fantasy, etc., or that celebrates the library. The entry deadline is actually this Friday, but artists have through the weekend should they need a little extra time.
Short notice but perhaps some of you can participate.  Sounds like a neat project. 

Here's to Spring!!!!

Spring Banner
Back from the depths of winter blues with a bit of Spring thanks to Terri of Artful Affirmations.  Enjoy!

Here's some things I've been working on for my niece's wedding.

Wedding shower thank you cards

Have you seen these free online workshops?  Awesome tutorials!!!  The first workshop is ready to be viewed now and 2 others will start soon.  Thanks to Strathmore and the fabulous artists Pam Carriker, Linda Blinn and Roz Stendahl
I so very much appreciate the generosity of these folks for sharing their knowledge and on their own dime!  

Thanks for visiting,

Christmas Paper Crafts
Wishing you all a most wonderful Christmas, eating holiday food, engaging in family traditions, and visiting family and friends!!

I finally got the courage to try my hand at one of these.  There are some.  The ones out there from other artists I've seen just made me swoon.  Mine not so much, but I learned a few things about the technique.  One, next time I'll use a fresher/newer book.  I used an older book which makes the pages a bit too delicate and the piece can get crushed with time, so a newer book will keep it looking fresh and crisp.  Two, you layer the cones on top of each other in neat rows instead of randomly as I did.  Use a glue gun to adhere the cones for quick work.

This one I will be gifting for Christmas.

I also finally decorated these trees which I had purchased last year for Christmas.  At first I had planned to all 3 in the same style.  I quickly changed my mind because it just seemed boring to me to do it that way.

The one thing that brought them all together was the glittered buttons on the bottom

This is a very cool idea for me being a night owl and otherwise unencumbered for New Year's Eve.  You might want to check it out too.  Sounds like a lot of fun.  I just found this blog through my Google alerts and it's super cute and pack full of inspirational paper crafts.  Go visit Paula's Palace and join in.
All Night Craft Along  

'Till next time,

Techniques, Victorian Ornaments, Labels to Organize and a free Ezine

Watch soon for a review on an item from CSN Stores.  I'm still enjoying the desk task chair from CSN I reviewed previously.  As many of you know, CSN has many wonderful and useful items on their retail sites.  Is there anything you need for the holidays for your home?  How about barstools?  Well, needless to say they have it all to get your home ready and pretty for the holidays. 

BWS tips button
I so wish I had a group that could get together near me to create such as Kelly Rae has. Well, I would even organize one if personal things weren't in the way right now.  If you are interested in something like this yourself, Kelly Rae wrote a very helpful post, here:

Here are some other neat stuff I found elsewhere in blogland:  We're so lucky to have these generous folks sharing freely their amazing talents.
Julie from Belzerdesigns.typead.com has various techniques which I found terrific and shows you on this video
Victorian Ornaments made with broken or recycled glass ornaments.  I thought this video was awesome.  

And speaking of Christmas theme creations, just wait until you see this awesome and FREE ezine.  Just awesome!!
Inspired Ideas

If you have lots of Distress Inks by Ranger, they provide these very helpful labels to get you organized
Free Labels To stick on Ink Pads

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  Thanks for stopping by again.  Don't be shy and leave me a comment. I'm hoping to buckle down and create some stuff in between cleaning my house (YUK!!!!) this weekend.

Giveaway, Background Papers Video

Been busy with my niece's Save The Date cards, work and just general life's misery challenges lately, so haven't been creating much.

I hope it changes soon.
Here is a video from Shona Cole that I have enjoyed.

Want to throw your name in for some beautiful things;  here are some giveaways out in blog land:

Melinda of Alabaster Rose Designs is having a 1 year anniversary giveaway pack full of yumminess to win.   Visit her to enter, here.

 Cindy Crane is a new blogger and she's celebrating with a giveaway, here.

Have a great week,

Drawing, Photoshop and Mixed Media Free Courses

Hi all.  I have been inspired by amazing artists who draw, especially who draw little girls.  So I've been trying my hand at it.  I love the mix of drawing and other mediums like paint, paper, etc.  

Here are some of my first attempts.  

Pretty awful.  Much more practice needed.  LOL

This is a Save the Date Card for my niece's wedding I have been working on.

Have you seen these awesome learning opportunities? Of course I registered for the free course.  Willowing is also a great ning group.


Kim is offering a free mini course on Photoshop.  You bet I registered.  


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week,

The Wonderful World of Bloggers and Internet -- Resources & Free Images
Hi everyone.  Haven't had much ambition to create lately, unfortunately.  Here's something I created a while back and I don't think I ever post it.  

Here are lots of awesome projects for inspiration from other artists and crafters and I'm sharing them with you here as well as some free images:

Source:  A Gathering of Thoughs

From one of my favorite companies, Stampington - 
Vintage Jewelry ideas
And video

Source: Clearly Vintage

Cool pockets for altered books 
from Altered Art Junkies blog

Source: The Graphics Fairy

Mixed media collage video 
from Lucy Hill Edson

Source: Vintage Dragonfly

Tea Dye, Fiber, Rust 
by Cat Carr

Source:  The Art of Altering


Ideas on what art supplies to pack on a trip.  
Weren't you wondering that on your summer vacation in the past months?  I did.

Source:  Just Something I made

Thanks for stopping by,

Published with Wedding Collage Piece

I wanted to share my great news. The collage below is my first published piece.  It is in the September edition of Scrapbooking.com Magazine Newsletter. Check it here

It was so easy and fun to write this up and send in, so I encourage other artists and crafters to submit a piece.  Its so gratifying and booster.  You can subscribe to their free newsletter by clicking on the caption below the image.  Have fun!

Click here to take you there


Giveaway Winners for the Blog Hop Summer Celebration 2010

Not many participated, but all will win!

  I enjoyed visiting and getting to know you and your art.  It's always a treat to see each individual's interpretation on a theme.  Since it was only 4 of you, I'm going to send all of you prizes. 
Prize #1 will go to whoever of you 4 ladies has their birthday closest to mine, August 17 and will win a choice of anything in my Etsy shop.  

For the remaining 3 ladies, one of my new collage bags, a bag chuckfull of art supplies to make your own collages.  I'll be adding more of these in my Etsy shop soon too.

Congratulations to Courtney, Ann, Rebecca and DeeDee.  Get in touch with me with your date of birth so I can determine who gets what.  Thanks for participating.
I will try another blog hop in the future and hope it'll be a bit more successful.