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Back to Youth 60 VegCapsules Balanceuticals CLEARANCE SALE

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Product Description

 CLEARANCE SALE--All sales final. Dated best by 6/2013 

bullet_cream_with_green_checkmark.jpg Improved Memory Health and Delay Aging Formula
bullet_cream_with_green_checkmark.jpg Congrong Huanshao
bullet_cream_with_green_checkmark.jpg 100% Natural
bullet_cream_with_green_checkmark.jpg Made under Supervision by China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Made of extracts from prepared rehmannia root, common yam, achyranthes, wolfberry, dogwood fruit, poria, salty eucommia bark, polygala prepared with licorice, roasted morinda, schizandra fruit, salty fennel, chinquapin seed, cistanche, acorus root and common jujube fruit.

Chinese medicine uses this time-honored formula for its adaptogenic, endocrine regulating and metabolism promoting properties to tonify the heart, kidney, spleen and stomach, help maintain healthy memory power and revive sexual potency, especially among the elderly.

Direction for Use: As a dietary supplement, take 3~5 capsules 3 times daily. Store in a dry and cool place out of the reach of children.

Summary of Modern Studies on Congrong Huanshao (Back to Youth™) Capsule

Chinese Use: Hypogonadia, senile dementia.

Modern studies on pharmacodynamic reveal that this product yields actions of anti-senility, regulating endocrine secretion, promoting organic metabolism, stimulating immunity, protecting the liver and detoxication, tolerating anoxia, and sedation.

  • Anti-senility: The alcohol extract of this product markedly prolongs the average life and highest life time of drosophila, indicating its anti-senility action.
  • Regulating endocrine secretion: (1)Action similar to androgen: castrated young male mice are administered this product 10g/kg, q.d. for 21 consecutive days. The weight of its seminal vesicle can be greatly increased. (2)Stimulating the function of adrenal cortex: by evaluating the content of adrenal cortical hormone in mice, it can be proved that the contents of cortisone in the plasma in mice can be increased by this product. (3)Effect on model of deficient kidney yang induced by“hydro-cortisone”: This product can protect, to certain extent, the failure of adrenal cortical function in mice induced by massive dose of hydro-cortisone (i.m. 1.0mg/day for 10 consecutive days.)
  • Promoting organic metabolism: This product promotes the infiltration of 3H-TdR, 3H-UR and 3H-Leu into the DNA and RNA in mice liver, indicating that it promotes the nucleic acid metabolism and protein synthesis.
  • Stimulating immunity: This product can activate the phagocytosis of abdominal macrophage in mice, and markedly increase the T-cell in 615 mice as compared with the control group, indicating that it excites the immunity.
  • Adaptogenoid action (1) Protecting the liver and detoxifying action: This product markedly lowers the mortality of mice due to CCl4 intoxication as compared with the CCl4 model group, thus inferring that it may yield certain antagonistic action on the peroxidation of facts due to CCl4, or, in other words, it yields some protection on the injury caused by the free radicals. This is beneficial to the delay of advent of senility. (2) Tolerance to anoxia: This product markedly increases the tolerance to anoxia under regular atmospheric pressure in mice.

Toxicological studies: after perfused with the maximal amount of this product in a dose of 40g/kg in mice, no abnormal reaction or death can be seen, indicating its low toxicity. When perfuse this product in the doses of 4,8,16g/kg for 6 consecutive months, no obvious reaction can be seen in its growth, appetite, blood picture, EKG, hepatic and renal functions.

Clinically, this product was applied in hyposexuality, and senile dementia.

l Hyposexuality: by adopting double blind method with anxiyong as control, this product was tested clinically with a dose of 6 capsules t.i.d for 3 consecutive months, 61 cases of deficient kidney-yang in senile and middle-aged patients were treated (30 cases were in the control group). After treatment, symptoms in the treatment group were markedly ameliorated. Among them, marked improvements were seen in chillness, cold limbs, sour waist and knee, nocturnal urination, loose stool, hypo-sexual desire, lassitude, white hairs, forgetfulness. This product also yielded actions of reinforcing the holding strength, decreasing the width of senile circle, improving scores of psychic senility, strengthening immediate memory and increasing the time of standing with a single foot. The total analysis showed the total effective rate to be 74.2%, while that for the control group, 30%, indicating that this product yielded better therapeutic effect on anti-senility and deficient kidney yang syndrome.

l Senile dementia: Decoction of this product was given once daily with 3 weeks as a therapeutic course. The patients ranged from 65~75, evidenced by cerebral atrophy under CT, cerebral malacia. After 3 weeks of treatment, 5 cases were cured; 4 cases, markedly improved; 3 cases, improved; 2 cases, ineffective.

Excerpt from A Guide to TCM Products, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2003

More About Balanceuticals
Health King Enterprise/Balanceuticals Group, Inc. is committed to offering the finest traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition products available. This established manufacturer offers a full range of popular medicinal teas from China, which are designed for general maintenance of good health as well as for specific conditions based upon traditional Chinese formulas. These flavored teas taste great as both hot and iced-tea. Health King's herbal dietary supplements, including the Balanceuticals line, are formulated and manufactured according to the most stringent quality standards and the most up-to-date achievements in traditional Chinese medicine. They are screened for quality and safety by a specialist group at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest research institution for traditional Chinese medicine. All Health King and Balanceuticals products are natural and are in strict conformity with international quality standards.

* FDA Disclaimer

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