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Cayenne 450 mg 100 Caps

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Product Description

 Dietary supplement
 Feeds the heart and equalizes blood pressure
 Helps with circulation
 Herbs are carefully selected and finely ground for quick release and maximum effectiveness

Cayenne has been in use for over 7,000 years as a food, a condiment and a medicine. People from the
Old World, who live long lives in good health, are generally people who use cayenne. Among these people are
Russians in certain areas, Greeks, Italians and the Hunzas. Cayenne is one of natures most wonderful herbs.
We can do wonderful things with it that we are not able to do with any other known herb. It should never be
classed with black pepper or mustard. These are irritating, while red pepper, or cayenne, is very soothing, and
it is exceptionally healing to almost any part of the body. Cayenne heals by drawing the blood to that area of
the body which is ailing or is injured. This extra blood supply gives warmth and nourishment to the injured
area so that it heals faster. It also stimulates the circulatory system, influencing the heart immediately, then it
gradually affects the arteries, capillaries and nerves by strengthening the cell structure and giving them the
elasticity they once had. Good circulation in the body is the key to healing.
Cayenne will stabilize blood pressure and will stop a heart attack or stroke. The very finest food for the
heart is cayenne. There is a rapid increase of heart attacks in our country today because people are starving their hearts, while
feeding their taste buds. Surprisingly, cayenne is also very effective for many digestive disorders, it rebuilds the tissue in the
stomach and heals stomach and intestinal ulcers. It is also a pure and natural stimulant, which increases nervous sensibility,
thereby stimulating the functional activity and energy of the body and enhancing its function. It also increases the power of
the pulse, which in turn carries the blood to all parts of the body, equalizing and restoring the circulation in all parts.
Cayenne has six pain-relieving compounds and seven that are anti-inflammatory. It can be mixed with lotion and rubbed on
wrists for carpal tunnel syndrome and on painful joints for arthritis. You can also get pain relief from backaches with this
method. This can also be helpful with psoriasis and shingles. Some people can be sensitive to this on the skin, so test a small
area first.
Cayenne is one of the most highly regarded herbs for treating fevers and is a good gargle for a sore throat. It will stop
bleeding, or hemorrhaging almost instantly, taken internally or used externally and useful for colds, flu, low vitality, headaches,
depression and arthritis. It is a really good idea to keep a small container of cayenne in your vehicle to always have
some handy for emergencies. It could save a life.
Cayenne is one of the main foods of the Hunza, who live in a high isolated mountainous area in Asia Minor. They live
over a hundred years in good health. They eat sparingly, generally a mono-diet; apricots, fresh or dried are their mainstay,
with cayenne as the supplement. They play polo at 100 years and older and they do not die of diseases, but generally from
falls or accidents.
Cayenne is a remarkable catalyst. It is added to many of our formulas because of its ability to intensify the benefits of
the other herbs by causing a quicker and more thorough distribution of each herb’s active components. Cayenne is tonic,
carminative, stomachic, rubefacient, pungent, alterative, astringent, antispasmodic, sudorific, antiseptic, anti-rheumatic. It
has extremely high vitamin A and C content and good amounts of iron, potassium and niacin. You may take more or less
according to your needs. Cayenne may also be taken in juice or water which, allows the body to assimilate it more quickly.
You might start with a 1/ 3 teaspoon and increase to a teaspoon or more two or three times a day.

1 or 2 Capsules twice a day with meals. To be taken with water or can be made into a tea.

Grandma's Herbs unique herbal formulas, created by their well-known Master Herbalist Joseph VanSeters.  Since 1979 he has refined their formulas to better suit today's health concerns.  Grandma's Herbs combine specific herbs together that enhance each other making them more effective.  In pursuit of helping people to obtain better health they use only the best herbs, with NO FILLERS.  The 100% natural herbs are carefully selected and finely ground for quick release and maximum effectiveness.  We hope you too will join us in learning what many people have already discovered about Grandma's herbal products.

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