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Fem-Aid 465 mg 100 Caps Grandma's Herbs

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Product Description

grandmas_herbs_logo.jpg PMS & Menstrual Relief
 Promotes hormone balance

 Herbs are carefully selected and finely ground for quick release and maximum effectiveness

Many of the female problems girls and women are now dealing with are of fairly recent origin. 40 years ago there was no such thing as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Now it’s a household word in Western industrialized countries. Other pelvic complaints may include profuse bleeding, cramping, endometriosis, vaginitis, fibroids and early miscarriages. All of these complications, and more, are strongly related to hormone imbalance. These conditions are increasing, it is now estimated that 25 percent of all pregnancies will miscarry. There is speculation that our petrochemical age has spawned diseases we’ve never known before - and that endometriosis is one of them.
Estrogen is the name of a class of hormones, among which are a group called xenoestrogens that are environmental compounds (usually petrochemicals). These include plastics, herbicides, pesticides and industrial by-products such as dioxins, that are considered very toxic and are pervasively polluting our environment. There is mounting evidence that exposure to xenoestrogens may be a significant cause of breast cancer, decline in male sperm production, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Synthetic estrogens are made by the pharmaceutical companies and have had their molecular structure altered so they can be patented. They are more potent than the body’s own estrogens, and more toxic. DES is an example of a synthetic estrogen that in the past was used for regulation of the menstrual cycle, in oral contraceptives and was used extensively in beef cattle to fatten them up more quickly for slaughter. It was implicated in causing various types of cancer and has been superseded by other compounds. Hormones are still being used in beef cattle and are now being used to increase milk production in dairy cattle.
Adding the stress of modern life to all the synthetic hormones we are exposed to, and to the many processed foods we have in our diet, puts us all in hormone imbalance to some extent. To promote hormone balance in our body, and thus improve our health, it is important to eat fresh, unprocessed foods with whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables.
Exercise is crucial as every system in our body performs best when it is moved and stretched regularly. There are herbs that contain natural hormones and that encourage hormone balance. Grandma’s Herbs FEM-AID has many of these herbs to cultivate health and improve the condition of the body.

FALSE UNICORN - nourishes the uterus and ovaries, strengthens the body, prevents miscarriages, balances hormones
WILD YAM - valued for its effect on regulating hormone production, used in gland-balancing formulas, contains a progesterone precursor, used for exhausted adrenals and low blood sugar
VITEX - a normalizing herb for the reproductive system, has a stimulating effect on the pituitary gland which regulates, balances and normalizes hormone production
LADY’S MANTLE - reduces heavy menstrual bleeding and cramps, improves regularity of menstrual cycle helpful with fibroids and endometriosis, used as a douche for excessive vaginal discharge, astringent
SQUAW VINE - diuretic, astringent, tonic alterative, helps with female problems, has a tonic action on the uterus and the ovaries, taken to normalize menstruation and to relieve heavy bleeding and menstrual pain, is a valuable diuretic, tonic and alterative for any urinary disease, healing
BLESSED THISTLE - good for menopause and female problems, will help with puberty, rids system of tumors, takes oxygen to the brain and helps circulation, female hormone balancer, helps with cramps
RED RASPBERRY LEAF - rich in calcium, manganese, iron, niacin and magnesium, female tonic, strengthens uterine walls
ST. JOHN’S WORT - corrects irregular menstruation, very good in chronic uterine problems, good blood purifier
DONG QUAI - to strengthen and aid in general circulation, antibiotic effects on several bacteria such as E-coli, and shigella, to cleanse and purify the blood, maintains balance for female hormones
CHAMOMILE - helps to relax for quality sleep and aids digestive and bowel problems, relieves cramps
PASSION FLOWER - used to calm nerves during periods of female hormonal adjustment, analgesic, anti-spasmodic
SHEPHERD’S PURSE - checks profuse menstruation, prevents hemorrhaging, astringent
BLUE COHOSH - useful for uterine disorders, has anti-bacterial properties to calm nerves, relieves muscular pain
SIBERIAN GINSENG - normalizes blood sugar and energy metabolism, boosts immune system response, adaptogenic
CRAMP BARK - used as a tonic for cramps anywhere in the body, relaxes the uterus, quiets ovarian action
SARSAPARILLA - contains progesterone, balances the female hormones, stimulates the body’s defense system
CAYENNE - increases power of all other herbs, equalizes blood circulation, antispasmodic
BLADDER POD - a synergistic herb, makes the other herbs in the formula work more efficiently.

Recommendation: 2 Capsules twice a day or more if needed. To be taken with water or can be made into a tea.

Grandma's Herbs unique herbal formulas, created by their well-known Master Herbalist Joseph VanSeters.  Since 1979 he has refined their formulas to better suit today's health concerns.  Grandma's Herbs combine specific herbs together that enhance each other making them more effective.  In pursuit of helping people to obtain better health they use only the best herbs, with NO FILLERS.  The 100% natural herbs are carefully selected and finely ground for quick release and maximum effectiveness.  We hope you too will join us in learning what many people have already discovered about Grandma's herbal products.

Grandma's Herbs Reference Catalog
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Product Reviews


    Posted by Unknown on 6th Oct 2011

    I'd definitely recommend this product to any lady. It just might help you feel better!! I still haven't had it that long, but I feel like it just might help me. I appreciate your helpfulness in the past and recently too!


    Posted by TheKing'sPrincess1 on 19th Aug 2011

    Good fast shipping,and prompt delivery! Haven't had the Fem-Aid for very long yet, but I was reccommended this herbal formula by a friend. Thanx again, for your help and speedy delivery! I reccommend it to others who might have menstrual discomfort as well.

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