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Premier Polar Mins Mineral Concentrate 8 fl oz/240 ml

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Product Description


Electrochemically charged mineral tonic
Highly concentrated (100:1) source of all minerals and trace minerals
From the deep, pristine Southern Ocean near Antarctica
Derived by sun-evaporation process
Over 97% of salt removed
Highly ionized, easily absorbable
Necessary for literally all body functions
Provides for deep-seated detoxification

Quantum Polar Mins come from one of the purest, most uncontaminated oceans on earth, the Southern Ocean, located near the South Magnetic Pole. This is the point on the Earth's surface where the geomagnetic field lines are directed vertically upwards, producing unparalleled mineral ionization. The electrochemically charged minerals and trace elements in Polar Mins assist in breaking down chemical accumulation within the body. These same minerals are also easily absorbed by cells and aids in hydration and flushing out toxins. Only a small amount in a glass of drinking water is needed to deliver these ionized minerals. One gallon of Quantum Polar Mins is equal to the minerals found in 100 gallons of ocean water. Derived by a proprietary sun-evaporation process, over 97% of the salt is removed leaving a highly concentrated tonic of all minerals and trace elements found in the pristine waters near Antarctica.*

The Phosphate Dilemma
Food grown on land that has been treated with commercial forms of acid-treated phosphates do not incorporate the phosphate into its molecular structure, but instead, trap the phosphate in a free form. In contrast, natural electrochemical colloids (as found in sea minerals) prevent this effect, so the phosphate can be properly arranged within its molecule.

When people eat commercial foods grown with excessive amounts of acid-treated phosphates, they excrete a high percentage in their urine. In contrast, foods grown with colloidal phosphate have a balanced phosphate structure in their cells. When people eat these foods, the body will conserve them and not need to dump them out in the urine. People who go on high levels of raw foods that have been grown on soils treated with acid-treated phosphate will begin to have health concerns with their water balance, creating artificial dehydration.

This is one of the main reasons for steaming or boiling commercially grown vegetables and grains. The heating process releases trapped free phosphates which would be harmful, yet leaves good colloid phosphates are already in place to be active when consumed. It is best to throw out the leftover water from steaming or boiling commercial produce because it will be high in free phosphates.

Worldwide research (from Popp, Korzykski, LeBon, Picardi, Sckwenk) has demonstrated the importance of electrochemical compound colloids. Researcher Albert Popp of Germany found that the structure of water is determined by minute quantities of electrochemical compound colloids. The structuring of water in body fluids can enhance or detract from the transmission of blueprint information to DNA. If the water in body fluids is more structured (and therefore will have a higher surface electrical charge), it will have a higher energy potential. This means the water, through the effect of the electrochemical colloids, will be able to transport energy (such as heat, electromagnetic energies) at much higher, more efficient levels in and out of cells - in short, increased cellular energy and function.

Sea minerals are very high in electrochemical compound colloids so when consumed, the body can function at much higher efficiency. Polar Mins are an unusually excellent source of the full spectrum of sea minerals from the deep, pristine sea near Antarctica so they deliver a superior source of colloids for immediate use by the body's cells.

How to Detoxify and Repolarize Food
To detoxify and repolarize raw, uncooked fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and other raw foods, fill a spray bottle with 90% purified water and 10% Polar Mins by volume. Shake a few times to mix the ingredients. For each individual food item (such as a tomato or banana), spray approximately 4 times. Then store in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

Within about 60 seconds of spraying a food, QRA testing will typically show that all four polarities of the food have been restored (four-polarity food is the most desirable). Even well grown produce commonly tests on to only one or two polarities at best.

Since a raw food item is still in a living state, the Polar Mins spray acts as an excellent electrochemical "foliar feed," supplying badly needed ionized minerals to detoxify any toxic components of the food as well as allowing the food item to absorb highly beneficial minerals which helps create electromagnetically superior "structured water" inside its cells. This procedure is excellent even for organic foods which are still typically deficient in mineral content (as compared to optimal mineral levels).

Polar Mins may also be sprayed on raw dairy products such as raw milk, butter and raw cheese.

Please note: if a raw food item has been irradiated (such as Holland produce) or is heavily contaminated, the cellular structure has been damaged so it may be unable to absorb mineral ions; thus, the Polar Mins spray procedure will not work well.

Dermal Mist
The Polar Mins Spray may also be used to "mist" skin areas on the body such as the arms, legs, face, head, hair, etc. Just as raw foods are able to absorb ionized minerals, human skin can easily absorb them as well. Use I to 4 sprays at a time on various body areas (spray directly on bare skin) as an excellent energy boost or to supply ionized minerals to specific body areas. To avoid unnecessary detoxification, allow some time between misting (if more than 4 sprays are used).

Keeping Your Plants Healthy
House plants love Polar Mins! For enhanced, more luxuriant plant growth (inside or out), either water them with a 10% solution of Polar Mins once a month or spray them frequently. Plants need ionized minerals, too!

Ingredients: 100% pure Antarctic-derived mineral concentrate
(over 97% of salt has been removed)

100:1 concentrate: 1 gallon of Polar Mins is equal to the minerals found in 100 gallons of ocean water( salt remoced)

Recommended Usage: Take ½ teaspoon, twice daily in ½ to 1 cup of juice or water. For children, ages 1 to 4, take 5 drops daily in juice or water. For those who are sensitive, dilute in 1 to 2 cups of water. May also be taken in soups and foods. Due to the concentrated nature of these minerals, do not take undiluted. May also be taken in soups and foods.

Quantum Nutrition Labs is known internationally as the pre-eminent manufacturer of excipient-free, premier quality nutraceutical formulations, super food concentrates and the world's first producer of quantum cellular resonance products that are capable of restoring quantum coherence to the body's inherent biofield. Fully functional coherence of the biofield is the new and most comprehensive definition of anti-aging therapy, born out of quantum physics.
Founder of Premier Research Labs/Quantum Nutrition Labs, Dr. Robert Marshall is a certified, internationally trained clinical nutritionist, past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is the host of HealthLine, a radio broadcast aired continuously since 1986 and the author of many research papers and articles. Dr. Bob Marshall has operated one of the largest chronic illness practices in Southern California for many years. Currently his main activities include overseeing Quantum Nutrition Labs' manufacturing, as well as writing and teaching professional seminars.
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* FDA Disclaimer

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