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Sinus Support Compound Liquid Extract Herbalist & Alchemist

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Product Description





Stinging Nettle seed (Urtica dioica), processed Rehmannia root (R. glutinosa), Stinging Nettle leaf (Urtica dioica), Pellitory-of-the-Wall (Parietaria judaica) and Cordyceps mycelium (Cordyceps sinensis)

Suggested Use 30-60 drops (1.5-3 ml) taken 3 times per day.
Structure Function Claim* Supports Healthy Kidney Function*
Contraindications There is no clinical data to support or contraindicate the formula’s use in the case of severe kidney disease and patients undergoing dialysis. Until further research is done, it is advisable to avoid use under these circumstances. Do not use if you have a mushroom allergy.
Additional Recommendations Dietary restrictions of sodium, potassium, phosphorus and protein may be advised by a physician. Kidney disorders may be associated with abnormalities of calcium, vitamin E and phosphorus metabolism



fresh Echinacea root (Echinacea purpurea), Osha root (Ligusticum porteri), fresh Eyebright herb (Euphrasia officinalis), fresh Horseradish root (Armoracia rusticana) and Bayberry root bark (Morella cerifera)

Suggested Use 20-40 drops (1-2 ml) taken 3-4 times per day while symptoms persist.
Structure Function Claim* Supports Healthy Sinus Function*
Contraindications Pregnancy; Dry, red, inflamed sinuses, yellow, sticky mucus, dry eyes
Additional Recommendations  
Additional Useful Herbs Immune potentiators - Astragalus/Echinacea Compound, Licorice, Codonopsis, Eleuthero, Ginseng/Schisandra Compound. Auto-immune support - Huang Qin (Chinese Scute root), Chinese Salvia (Salvia miltiorrhiza), Turmeric, Sarsaparilla, Licorice, Ashwagandha.


  • Echinacea fresh root (E. angustifolia, E. purpurea, E. pallida): Indicated for acute viral or bacterial infection (colds, flu, bronchitis, septicemia, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus.) Echinacea is also used for acute prostatitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, and pyorrhea. Locally it is used for infections, inflammation, and abscesses. 
  • Osha root (Ligusticum porteri): After a long history of use by Native Americans, Osha has finally gained recognition as a major medicinal plant. An antibacterial expectorant and bronchiodilator, it is useful for cold/damp lung conditions. Its mild antihistamine activity is useful in the treatment of rhinitis, head colds and allergies. This aromatic root is also carminative, diaphoretic and an emmenagogue. 
  • Eyebright fresh herb (Euphrasia canadensis): Rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids. It reduces secretions from the mast cells and histamine response in the sinuses. These properties make Eyebright useful in cases of acute irritation of the sinuses, nasal passages and eyes, with profuse mucus, pain and itching. It is also indicated for hay fever, sinusitis, head colds and ear infections in children. 
  • Horseradish fresh root (Armoracia rusticana): A rich source of antibacterial sulfur compounds. It acts as a powerful bronchiodilator and antispasmodic herb.
  • Bayberry root bark (Morella cerifera): Long been used by Native Americans and later by Thomsonian and Eclectic practitioners for excessive mucous discharge. It helps dry up boggy mucus membranes, strengthen tissue and re-establish normal function.  

Felter, H. W.  The Eclectic Materia Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Cincinnati, 1922
Moore, M.  Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West, Santa Fe, 1979
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Therapeutic Approaches to Allergy, Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine, vol. 1 #2, 1995, pp. 52-91

More About Herbalist & Alchemist
All H & A Formulas designed by David Winston, company founder, Herbalist (AHG), ethnobotanist, internationally known lecturer and author, who, for over 40 years has been studying, practicing, teaching and researching Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal medicine.
ENERGETICALLY BALANCED - Traditional practitioners generally use herbs in formulas. Each herb in every one of H&A formulas is selected by David not only for its own energetics, but also for how it will act in combination with other herbs in the formula.
CLINICALLY USED - All of the formulas have been used safely and effectively by David and many other practitioners--many of them for over 20 years.
RESPECTING TRADITION - They've been crafting the highest quality herbal products since 1982 by adhering to standards rooted in the practices of ancient guilds of alchemists. Species authentication by trained botanists and hand garbling of every raw material shipment are hallmarks of their BIO-SPECIFIC(tm) process.
USING THE WHOLE PLANT - The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Like the old masters, they believe that all the elements of the plant are essential in making herbal preparations. In ancient times alchemists pursued the quest of true knowledge of nature. Herbalist and Alchemist believe that all the elements of the plant are essential in making herbal preparations. Thus, one of the major differences between H & A and other herbal companies is their unique whole plant extraction process. Extracts are made with the finest ingredients: organically grown or conscientiously wildcrafted herbs, pure grain alcohol U.S.P., distilled water & when appropriate, vegetable glycerin U.S.P. or organic apple cider vinegar. Each extract is formulated according to the herb's distinct chemical makeup and made using Spagyric (alchemical) processes which give them a higher mineral & energetic content than found in other extracts.
Sometimes defined as "the transformation of common substance into vital essence," alchemy is based on true knowledge of nature. They combine ancient alchemical traditions with modern science to make exceptionally high-quality herbal products.
For more info about David Winston, visit his website
Herbal Therapeutics
"Our Products are Standardized to Excellence"

Read More About It
Winston & Kuhn's Herbal Therapies and Supplements: A Scientific and Traditional Approach, 2nd ed., Wolters Kluwer, 2008, and
Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief, Healing Arts, 2007. He is the author of Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More, Storey, 1999, Herbal Therapeutics, Specific Indications For Herbs and Herbal Formulas, HTRL, 2003, and a contributing author to American Herbalism, published in 1992 by Crossings Press. 

*FDA Disclaimer

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  1. a must try

    Posted by Leslie on 31st May 2014

    It does wonders for post nasal drip. Everyone with allergies should give a it try.

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