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Seaweed 100% Pure Kelp Sea Algae Certified Organic Bulk

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Product Description

Ascophyllum nodosum; micronized powder. From Canada. Non-irradiated. Kosher.

Pure seaweed micronized for faster, more complete absorption and assimilation. Seaweed treatment in a mask or wrap helps stimulate the body's metabolism and circulation due to high mineral content. This increase in circulation facilitates the absorption of nutrients into the system and the elimination of toxins and wastes.

Eliminates dead skin cells & smoothes skin. The various mineral properties can soften and cleanse the skin, leaving the skin smooth and supple, and gives an overall sense of well being. The exfoliation effect further enhances the skins smoothness and softness as well as facilitates the body's own systems. A series of four to six weekly treatments is ideal from a conditioning standpoint.

Psoriasis, Eczema, Dry Skin and Acne Uses

Psoriasis Treatment
For white dry scaly parts on the arms and legs:
Do this part once:
Mix the powder with hot water to a paste and allow cooling to blood temperature.
Cover the effected area with paste and wrap with plastic wrap film. Leave for 20 mins.
Run a luke warm bath with 2 tablespoon of seaweed powder dissolved in it.
Remove the plastic wrap film.
Get into the bath and gently remove the paste with a sponge - this is also removing the dead scaly skin.
This leaves the skin bright red / purple but should relieve the itch.
Lie back and fully relax in the bath for 20- 30 mins. Have a seaweed bath everyday until the symptoms are clear. When drying, pat yourself dry rather than rub, because this will remove the seaweed residue.

Have a bath daily for a week with 2 tablespoons of seaweed powder dissolved in it. Take no showers. If you participate in sports have a quick shower and when you get home have a seaweed bath. The point of this treatment is to build up a seaweed residue on your skin. The blotches will gradually decrease in size and disappear. Reduce the baths to one every other day for a week. Then twice a week for 2 weeks. Then once a week. If you feel that your dry skin is returning restart the maintenance regime. Always have a seaweed bath after swimming - this is to overcome the effects of the chlorine.

Eczema Treatment
Dissolve 2 tablespoons of seaweed powder in a lukewarm bath every day until the symptoms have cleared. Pat dry.
Take no showers until the skin has cleared. If you participate in sports have a quick shower and when you get home have a seaweed bath. The itch will ease after a few baths. The dead and dry skin will exfoliate away. The scratches will heal. New skin will be rehydrated. When the skin is clear - reduce the baths to alternate days for a week and then twice a week for 2 weeks.

Take 1 or 2 twenty minute seaweed bath for a week. Any time you feel the slightest dry skin have a seaweed bath every night for a week. Always have a seaweed bath after swimming - this is to overcome the effects of the chlorine.
This regime can also be used for children and reduce the amount of seaweed powder for babies to 1 teaspoon in their bath.

Acne and Face Mask
Mix 2 teaspoons of seaweed powder with a little hot water until it forms a paste. (This is enough for the facial area - if using on another area, i.e. - the back - use 3 - 4 teaspoons). Allow the paste to cool to blood temperature and apply to the face or the area with the acne. Leave on applied area for 4 - 5 mins. Remove with warm water and a sponge - this is acting as an exfoliator. Splash face or applied area with cold water - this will close the pores. Apply a moisturizer.

Follow the directions above for alternate days for a week and then leave for 3 days. Repeat the step above for another week. Follow the directions again on alternate days for the third week. Continue with the directions once every 6 - 10 days - this will help keep the skin clear.

For Plant Use
Rich in trace elements and natural growth hormones from the sea. Regular applications of seaweed stimulates plant growth, strengthen cell wall and increase the plant's natural resistance to disease and insect attack. Research has discovered that the use of seaweed increases production and quality of all types of crops. Can be used on any plants as often as once per week applied to either the foliage or soil and cannot burn plants.
Dissolve 10 gms in 4 oz. of luke warm water to make a liquid concentrate. Dilute concentrate in enough cool water to cover 1,500 sq. ft. or mix 1 tablespoon of liquid concentrate into 1 gallon of cool water.

Other Uses
Dried Seaweed Powder acts as a plant stimulant and is best mixed with water and applied as a foliar spray. Good premixing and storage in a liquid form will ensure the best results for foliar spraying. Foliar spraying seaweeds has become very popular in the last 10-15 years. The benefits relate to the grasses with a more immediate response than the meal. There are also benefits to the soil.

A liquid mix of 2 kg(4.4 lbs) seaweed to 40 litres (10 gals) water should be used ensuring that it is thoroughly mixed. Applications during Spring and Autum are 20-30 litres/100sm or for 4 applications per annum 10-20 litres/100sqm.

Can also be applied to animal stock feed.

Typical Mineral Analysis
Ph 7.63%
Potassium K 8.235%
Phosphorus P 0.090%
Sulphur S 1.210%
Magnesium Mg 0.559%
Sodium Na 2.211%
Calcium Ca 7.753%
Copper Cu 19mg/kg
Iron Fe 3808mg/kg
Manganese Mn 119 mg/kg
Silicon Si 2.347 %

In addition to the above known mineral elements seaweeds also contain many other minerals including iodine, amino acids and vitamins.


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